May 20, 2022

Those things you experience when you’ve overstayed your welcome at home and they are over using your presence.

I’ll share my experience using the Covid lockdown period.

This COVID’19 pandemic is getting really out of hand. Initially, I personally never thought I’d be staying this long at home not until I stayed a month and there wasn’t any signs of Opening Up. Then I realized this Locked down really meant business . But I believe on God things will go back to normal soonest.

I’ve been at home for 47 days, if you multiply that by 24, it’ll sum up to the number of hours I’ve been at home and you’ll realize it’s no joke to stay 1128 hours with family if you’ve really known and enjoyed something called PRIVACY.

So quickly I’ll be listing the issues I and some of my friends are facing at home. Who knows if it is mutual on your ends too,

Dad’s wahala : Imagine you being in a very interesting conversation with your friend or lover on WhaťsApp then boom your dad shows up telling you to type some long chats for him on his phone, and infact with immediate effect . Something he used to do for himself when you’re not around o. That thing dey vex my spirit.

King for two weeks : I remember vividly well during the first two weeks I got home when I was being treated like a king , the only time I entered into the kitchen was maybe when ”the food dinnor okay me (like a friend would say) ” or I wanna wash my hand after a meal.

Sibblings Problems: You start getting altercations with your sibblings over trivia issues. you start becoming a bane to them because they start feeling you are trying to encroach into their privacy when you try to correct or advice them.

Nosy Neighbors: When you stay home for too long your neighbors starts getting into your business by asking unnecessary questions.

But when I decided to leave home everything and everyone went back to their normal selves including my parents.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

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