May 20, 2022

Vanessa, Davido’s alleged girlfriend, accuses Chioma Rowland, the singer’s baby mama, of using bogus profiles to harass her online.

Chioma Rowland, Davido’s supposed girlfriend, is publicly chastised by her.

Vanessa accused the mother of one of pushing herself on Davido, just as she did with their engagement, which ended in a stalemate, in a lengthy outburst on her Instastory page.

According to the singer’s claimed side chic, Chioma portrays herself as a saint on social media while in reality being the polar opposite of who she professes to be.

According to her, “This week, I received a lot of tags, insults, and other things, including some bogus accounts from baby moms, which I blocked. I despise hiding things, therefore I always say what I’m thinking and then let it go, unlike other people.

Some people may think, “Oh, that baby mother is so quiet, always on her lane, no drama.” If only you knew gecko -s-(all for the gram) The same person who contacts me virtually every day on the phone, as well as other infant moms. I despise people who pretend to be saints on social media while being devils in real life. Only David will tell this story when he is ready (he went through hell).”

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