May 20, 2022

The family of the small boy from Kano State who went viral for making a duplicate of the state’s iconic overhead bridge has undoubtedly been encouraged.

Musa Sani made headlines and became an internet phenomenon following a presentation of his handiwork, so the good news comes as a welcome surprise.

He had used locally found materials to reconstruct the Kano state overhead bridge.

As the images went viral, it was learned that the little boy’s effort was noticed by a construction company, who granted him a university scholarship to study in the United States.

Musa’s mother was given N1 million to establish a business, while his father was given a job, according to Aminu Adamu Abdullahi, a Facebook user who made the discovery.

According to reports, Musa’s siblings will be enrolled in prestigious schools, and the family would be relocated to a furnished apartment in Maiduguri.

Aminu Adamu Abdullahi penned the following: “Good news: Musa Sani’s father will be hired by a construction company, which will also give his mother a million naira to start a business while also providing the family with a new and well-furnished apartment in Maiduguri.

“His siblings will be accepted into good schools, and Musa Sani (The Young Constructor) will provide the United States of America a university scholarship.

“Wow, Musa Sani, congratulations.”

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