May 20, 2022

A long commute can be the most tedious portion of your day as you make your way to work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your commute can feel like it’s flying by and even be a pleasurable part of your day if you follow a few of our top tips. You’ll be there before you know it.

1. Get a hold of an e-book.

With apps like Kindle, you can simply bring an entire library of books with you on your commute, allowing you to choose which one would best fit your present mood and pass the time. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to begin started, there are plenty of free options, and with so many classics available, you can convert your boring commute into an opportunity to try something new.

2. Acquire new knowledge

You may extend your mind by reading a classic, or you could try out a few applications that can teach you a new skill or provide you with knowledge.

There’s something for everyone on the internet, from where to discover the world’s tallest peak to the Men’s Australian Open odds. You might learn a language and plan where you’d like to practice it, or you could ask yourself some questions and try to discover answers; you’d be astonished how quickly you can pass the time.

3. Have fun with games

There are so many options for killing time on your own or with a fellow commuter, from endless fantastic free apps on your phone to a good old game of I Spy. Just don’t get too carried away – your fellow commuters may not be so keen on you if you try to bring back the Mini. Play games with yellow cars!

4. Take some time to meditate.

In our hurried modern lives, your commute can be an excellent time to meditate and relax your thoughts. Even simply zoning out or daydreaming can be useful to your day, allowing you to unwind and reset while also passing the time.

5. Get some writing done

Your commute can be a great opportunity to write down your thoughts and feelings or to create something new without the distractions of most other portions of your day, from journaling to creating short poems or stories. Grab a pen and paper, or even a notes app, and start scribbling throughout your boring commute.

6. Go shopping

Online shopping is so convenient these days that it can be dangerous, but there are plenty of reasons to buy something, and your commute can be a good time to think about what you really want, such as ingredients for a special meal you’ve been wanting to try cooking for a long time or a birthday present for a loved one. This quiet time can allow you to figure out what you need and order it right away.

There are various methods to pass time and ensure that you get to work on time, whether you want to utilize your commute as a time of quiet thought, read a book, or simply sit and play solitaire.

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