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A MUST READ – See What A Reader Said About Marrying A Guy That Earns 30k Monthly





This is my honest opinion on marrying a guy that earns 30K monthly.

If your idea of a good marriage is to get a man or woman with a good source of income from both parties and a comfortable lifestyle..

It’s fine BUT>>>>

let me tell u the truth..

All those things can be wiped in days.. e.g job’s good lifestyle wiped in a matter of days…

So what if he or she was a multi billionaire b4 you decided to marry them.

After few months or years, demons of parking everything appears and parks everything? Oh you forgot 1 bad loan gone south can cripple everything?

We focus on one thing, always related to money gain.. nobody talks about the spiritual aspect of marriage.. everyone always goes with – he must be working in shell or NNPC.. We have seen people who retired from those places and went back to square minus 0.


I told my sisters, never should a man bulk salary or business profits energize you to be a reason to want to marry him because if anything happens to that job or business – you will lose interests in the marriage – then divorce…

Marry a man who got a purpose, drive, vision, someone you can support to be something.. from scratch so that even if he crashed you can always advice him back to the top.

Those kinda marriages last long, majority of those men will love you till death.. even if they cheat, you will never find out… and they can never say “where were you wen I was building my wealth?”

When my uncle’s friend (Now working in NNPC) a muslim was told to add another wife, I was in that room – he said in Hausa and I quote “you guys were not there when this lady (his wife) had to sell akara to sponsor his transport fares looking for jobs, so I don’t want anyone competing Me with her.”

If it was all about the money, you think faith Oyedepo would have married David Oyedepo? Am sure he wasn’t seeing 30k monthly salary when he started Living faith church…

Btw, ladies – am not implying you should go marry a lazy broke man, rather marry a man who is starting little with dreams and strong visions, such that if everything crashed, he can pickup again and fight back.

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