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Sometimes I wake up wondering what exactly it takes to get to the top, most times I get lost amidst thoughts of “this and that” but really I end up concluding it is “neither this nor that”.

The Top in the most logical sense means the greatest height of success in one’s chosen career or life. Call it the “Peak” , “Climax” or the “Apex” and you are still correct.

Critically thinking, everyone out there strive hard on a daily basis to get to that stage, putting in sizeable efforts to see themselves through but why is it that only a few make it there? Why?

Research has shown that people “especially of this generation” have equal physical opportunities but know little or nothing about how to explore them.

I will talk about this opportunities as i explain 3 major things that matters when talking about getting to the top viz:

  • Knowledge
  • Connections
  • Grace


The psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning. The ability to always stay in the ‘know’. Quite a lot of concepts exists under this factor which to a large extent will determine the rate at which you climb to the top Viz: Hard work, Consistency, Smart Work, Perseverance, Teamwork, Patience, Focus and a Lot more. The major key to breaking through in any field in this age and time is INFORMATION which has turned out to be the “golden fleece” which everyone must search for.
This new age came with opportunities on the digital platforms through mobile phones,tablets,laptops and other internet enabled devices. These opportunities includes but are not limited to Social Media Networks (Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram etc), digital market places (iTunes.com, jumia.com, Aliexpress.com, Jiji.com ), and YouTube.com. What ever you do there’s always something online that can help make your journey to the TOP easier.


No matter what you do remember to remain Teachable.

#thewritingDJ 2020


It is truly important to ask you about “What you know but it is extremely important to ask yourself about “Who You Know”, “Who Knows you” and “Who Knows you know what you know”. After carefully asking yourself those questions you will instantly have an idea of how far you have come and how far you still need to go. Furthermore who are the people you associate with? Are they people with the same views,goals,determination and focus as yourself? Are they people who can assist you financially,morally and physically? Are they people who can really stand for you in your absence?

If you can answer all this questions too you are on your way to the top.

Do you know it has become extremely difficult for people to rise to the top because people already at the top are not ready to leave? (lol) yes! They are not and that’s why they work together fostering relationships that will keep building their reputations sometimes they go clout chasing to stay in the spotlight allowing gullible people to believe what they want. The earlier you understand this drama the better it is for you.


This should come first as a Nigerian, I know right? (lol) but it didn’t because we can not undermine the power of hardwork and consistency. Grace covers all because it is written even in the scriptures that many were called but only few will be chosen. So to be a part of the chosen pray fervently for grace.

Finally, The TOP is big enough for everybody but you need to be ready to fight your way up first. Keep redefining yourself on a daily basis and watch yourself grow to the top.

©#ThewritingDJ 2020

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