BBNAIJA:- Frodd, Esther’S Relationship Becomes The Topic Of Mercy, Diane’s Gossip



Mercy and Diane had a chat about Esther’s newfound strategy – love or what may appear like it.

However, in recent times, the closeness between Frodd and Esther has become more intimate, but some housemates are not having it.

It was refreshing to Frodd hearing Esther confess her feelings for him to Ebuka on Sunday. As we know, Frodd’s chase to get the attention of his love-interest has been on for long.

“She’s acting just to be seen around him always,”

said Mercy to Diane in the Kitchen as they discussed the other resident Powerpuff girl. As they both agreed to this, Diane revealed that she was shocked to see Esther move to Frodd quickly and has recently been hanging around him frequently.

Mercy who seemed unconvinced about the Froster ship did not fail to express her doubts. According to her, Esther is only using her relationship with Frodd as a strategy.


She said,

“Esther thinks that being in a relationship will get her more fans outside the House because she thinks the audience will appreciate couples more.”

The duo moved their Froster chat to the dining table with an additional gossip partner, Elozonam.

“Frodd is love, his type of love is too rare,”

Mercy said to Diane and Elozonam.

She further revealed that she felt sad seeing Frodd get played by Esther and stylishly put it in words that Esther wasn’t deserving of Frodd’s pure love towards her.



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