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Beware: Saleh Abubakar a.k.a Oseey with the phone number +2348061391550 is a scam




The said name above, Saleh Abubakar a.k.a Oseey poses as a social media account seller, specifically Instagram. He has countless number of accounts which he presents and tells you it’s for sell. He has close associates whose name is, Adam Shuaib Adam a.k.a Khaleepha and Abubakar Haruna Tahir, so he will convince you to ask from them about his authenticity. Saleh Abubakar lives in Kano, a northern state in Nigeria, according to my personal little investigation, as said by one of his close associates, who shares the same name with him, Abubakar.
Oseey scammer
Photo Of Saleh Abubakar a.k.a Oseey, The Scammer
The point is, Saleh Abubakar tries as much as possible claiming you have to send him money first, before he releases login for you, since it’s an online transaction and one needs to give it a trial if you want to be convinced that who you’re dealing with is not a scam. Once you send him money, he blocks you. That’s the format he operates on. He gets you to send him any amount depending on the amount of followers, then he blocks you in everywhere from accessing him in every platform. He uses the phone number, +234 806 139 1550. He is also a Guarantee Trust Bank operator with the following account details; Account Name: Saleh Abubakar Account Number: 0243155597 Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) Be safe, don’t get ripped off of your hard earnings by these online scammers.

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