Are you making these mistakes in your business? Do you have step by step route to get your product to those who are ready to pay.

I bet you don’t have one. Don’t worry, I don’t have one either.
Ask ten people you respect, people who are making huge success in their business, people who are having tonnes of client trooping to order for their product or service- and i bet they don’t have either.
What do they have;
They have the requisite level of knowledge of the product/service they are offering
They have the tools to deliver excellent product/service (perception is relative)
They have a raving fan of satisfied clients who refer them to their cycle of influence.
But, I bet they haven’t written any long term strategic plan of how they want their business to look like in few years to come.

The truth is, most of them have the fantasy dancing in their head but haven’t create time to plan it out. They see their business generating millions, having hundreds of clients and all of this is in their heads alone.

There’s a concise correlation between strategically having a written plan for your business and seeing the fulfillment. Despite it’s obvious benefits, many business owners have failed to establish Clarity in the areas of their business where they feel stuck. A colleague of mine was recently sharing with me that he felt stuck and wasn’t making much progress on a new project that he had started.

When I asked him what the problem was, he mentioned that he didn’t have the money necessary to get the project off the ground. I responded, “Well, how much money do you need exactly?” His response: “Well, I’m not sure, I haven’t really laid that out yet.” So, he knows he wants to start his business, he’s made a decision, but he’s not clear on how much money he needs to get it off the ground. Wanting something and lacking clarity around the details is like wanting to set sail without a destination.

First comes thought; then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality – Napoleon Hill
when you have a written plan for your business and follow through it, you naturally activate your brain to perform its major work as a goal achieving machine.
The world is moving far too fast, your ability to execute, measure, adjust- for example you have it in your head to at least have 20 people to order for the perfume you sell the first month. What strategic plan do you have in place to achieve that goal (how many times will you upload in a week, how many people will you private chat in a day, how many people will you contact to promote what you do, how many retail shops will you contact to display your product).
If you set a goal to sell 10 wigs this week, you have no control over who buys whatever it is you are selling. So you may fail at the goal because of things outside of your control.
But, if you set a goal to upload on your social media everyday, private chat at least two people everyday, call one person you know can afford the wig everyday, request someone on your contact list who probably sell bags or wears to help promote your wig to their contact list and meet with a boutique owner if you can have your wigs display in their outlet ,you are in control of that. If you make the calls, upload, private chat influencers you are achieving the goal. If you don’t do it, you are not achieving your goals. And hopefully those calls made will result in increased sales.
Have a strategic plan that you can control so that you are the owner of your success.


You see people stacking pictures on Whatsapp, IG, Twitter and not having a single conversion, you see some people run sponsored ad for a week and not one person convert to a buying client. You need a strategic plan to know the exact next thing to do when you do something and the next thing to do after that because it is when your product/service get to the hand of a buyer and they pay that you can afford yourself the luxurious life you desire.
We live in a world where there are tonnes of people trying to sell the exact thing to the exact people you want to sell to, the only thing that will separate you is the strategic plans you have to support your business. If you have one tactics in place to show your product/service to the world and it fails or it doesn’t convert the number of order you desire, do you have another tactics ?
Imagine you have strategies sitting in your arsenal and if one does not convert enough, you drag out the second one; ready for launch! And if that doesn’t pull enough, how much more of it can you replicate to enlarge your reach and how quickly can you do that ?
Honestly, how accurately can you really plan how you will be executing across the board six months from now. Statistics shows that 90% of business startups fail in their first year, do you wonder why? Most of them work in their business instead of working on their business.
You can’t afford yourself the luxury of life if all you do is to work on your business, you want to sources for clients/leads, you go and buy the materials, sew it, iron it, deliver it and repeat that cycle again you have to plan on how to build a system around your business so your time can be spent working on your business and see it grow.
One final thought, don’t waste your time drafting a plan that’s only going to gather dust in a wooden shelf somewhere when you could have spent that time working in your business, but if you are serious about being strategic with the way you handle your business and build a strong shield around fear, rejection and failure to know the next thing to do when you finish executing one plan.
The series of content that will be coming after this will specifically involve the 7 Pillars of a sustainable business and we will dive into all these pillars and how it can be applicable in your Business. If you are truly serious about scaling your business to the next level, you don’t want to miss out on any of these pillars.

Next week, we will be talking about your ideal client. How do you curate message that resonate with your ideal audience, how do you narrow down on who you should be selling to first, the idea that your product is for everybody can be false (at least for a startup) you have to get clear on who you are dealing with. If you are ever caught in a spot where you want to upload your work(cloth shoes, bags etc or service) and find it hard to nail down your message in a way that will attract clients then you don’t want to miss the next article, cause have been in that shoe
before and I am ready to work with you to erect that first pillar.
See you at the top

© Abiodun Joseph



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