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Naija music ( things you think you know about Afrobeats)





Music to me gives life, a day without music is a day I don’t want to experience because I can’t imagine a day without life.

There are several genres of music in Nigeria among which traditional music (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) is a huge example. But this traditional music are not widely known (or better stated accepted) across the whole world except in Africa. These traditional musics are played or performed on several traditional occasions or cultural festivals in different ethnics in Nigeria. Types of festival includes Calabar festival, Osun festival and Lagos festival among others.

Other types of music in Nigeria includes Afrobeats, Juju, Jazz, Apala, Nigerian Hip pop, Reggae and Gospel music among others. And most (even if not all) of these genres of music are doing greatly well in the country , in Africa and outside the continent as well.We can’t talk about Naija music without making reference to the genres of music that is leading the Music Industry. Nigerian Music Industry is booming globally and thanks to Afrobeats which we believe to be the most accepted genre of music that has come out of Nigeria although others like Hip Hop, raggae to mention a few are also well accepted.

Afrobeats is recognised as a blend of traditional Yoruba music with jazz, West African highlife and funk which was founded in the 60’s by the known to be king of Afrobeats, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Some of the tracks by the king of Afrobeats includes, Expensive Shit, Zombie, Best of the Black President, etc .

Fela Kuti


Nowadays, various young talented artists have ventured into this ancient genre of music and have brought about massive improvement in its sounds and beats. The likes of Wizkid popularly known as Starboy,Burnaboy and Oritse Femi to mention a few are making the best out of this genre of music. We can remember Wizkid during the last decade dropped some tracks titled Expensive Shit and Zombie which we can relate to some of the old tracks of the king of Afrobeats. Also, Oritse Femi dropped a track titled Double Wahala which went popular and later featured D’banj on the remix.

Burna boy

Oritse Femi


There are lots I can still write about Afrobeats not to talk of the other genres of music in Nigeria. But with this, Naija music is doing greatly well globally and believe me we are still yet to see the best of us. Stay tuned, in our next post about Naija music I’ll be writing about another genre of music and it’s gonna be worth reading. Thanks for reading.

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