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! Let’s use this erotica story tittled “DAMN MISTAKE”To spice u up

Parental Guidance is advised though as what you are about to read is so so hot for you alone!

Let’s get down to it.


*Dwan is a close friend to me at the same time I’ve been crushing on him.*
*Was he aware of this?🤔*
*Nah! I guess not😐*
*Because if he was,he would have taken advantage of me as a chronic womanizer that he is.😹*

*It was his birthday,I went to pay him a visit cause he didn’t go out that day.*

*I bought him a birthday gift.Which was a Bronze wrist watch.*


*I prepared the food we ate that afternoon which was yam and snail sauce😋.*

*After eating, we both sat on a three sitter chair to relax and watch film.*

*So Dwan played ‘Bang bang’*
*I didn’t like it so I had to convince him to let us watch another film cause Baby bang is more of action.*

*So I played*
*He was surprised*
*So I went back to the sofa and rested on his chest*

*This was weird🙄*
*I knew right🤧*

*But don’t know what came over me that day😐*
*Dwan couldn’t say anything but to watch me display.*

*Later I started rubbing my back on his hard chest.*
*He pretended not to notice at first.*
*Later he couldn’t resist but to touch me all over.*

*I loved every feeling from his touch.*
*I couldn’t help but to keep moaning.*

*We French kissed and didn’t wanna stop.*

*Just then, Dwan stood up to set me well on the chair so he could insert his dick in my pussy😲*

*Just then I came to my senses😱*

*So I said ‘What The Fuck‼.Dwan, we really have to stop this.Besides ion think I’m ready to loose my virginity now😪.I’m sorry for making you horny.Ion what came over me😒.I’m really sorry😞’*

*And he said ‘It’s OK’*
*And took back his dick in his boxers🤧*

*I took my bag and left almost immediately. I was so ashamed of myself. I should have at least control myself😪.*

*Now I’ve devalued myself in the presence of Dwan my best friend😩😩*

*Was he going to add my names to the list of girls he slept with?😒*
*Or announce to people what happened between us?🤧*

*All these questions keep burning and churning inside of me🥺🤧🤕🙉*

*I cried my life out😪*

written by@Oluwatomi Adedeji*



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