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Scam Alert: Beatrice D Hypemama (HypeMama Media) Is A Scam!





Scam Alert: Beatrice D Hypemama (HypeMama Media) Is A Scam!


Who’s Simisola?

She claims to own, says she’s into a lot of online and offline promotion plus others I don’t know but don’t work directly! She acts as the third party, something

like a link connecting buyers and sellers. So, what she does is, she will act as if she delivers several services, when you want to order for one,

she will contact the person who does that and get her own cut! That’s according to what she explained to me.

She contacted me asking me if I Influence Brand social medias and promote artists? Since that’s what I do, I told her yes! Then she said she has a client

who’s willing to learn how to manage Instagram sine he’s an artist, he’s gonna promote some his songs with me. We discussed the business and prices for them,

after all the discussion was concluded, she said she was gonna get back to me in the evening!
Contacted me as promised and said the Client who happens to be a male wants to work face to face not online transaction to avoid being scam, asked me where I stay that we could

hangout in one bar or safer place to transact the business and she was gonna come with the client since he’s the one who needs the services. From that day, the called client would contact me,

and she does contact me to keep me updated! We fixed a date to meet.

How They Operate!

She will ask you to come with your working tools that the client would wanna see you do all those things in his presence, things like laptop, phone or anything. She will persuade you

telling you that you have to do all in their presence that she’s been duped even after meeting the person, she said the person (the supposed person who duped her) claims he was

gonna take their file home and work on it but ended up scamming them. So she will use that format to make sure you bring your tools along which I fell for.

So we met in a bar, I took along my laptop and phone which I use in processing online promotion. While we were discussing sitting on the chair in the bar, I drop my phone and laptop which

was inside my bag on the table, she used a particular format like, Please can we talk in private making you feel she don’t want the client to be aware of her discussion, she will take you to a private

place where you cannot longer see the supposed client again, taking only my phone which was on the table along and leaving my laptop inside bag on the table trusting the client was going to protect it.

She discussed about the price with me and her cut and asked me to wait that she want to call the client down there so that he can come and hear what you have discussed. She persuaded me to wait there while


she go and have a private conversation with her client, which I waited for about 10-30mins without seeing them, I had to rush down to check them, behold they were gone with my laptop bag and the laptop inside!

I asked the barman, he saw the guy waiting at the gate for the girl, immediately she came out, they left together! Woaw, my laptop was gone. Nobody to tell. I tried calling her but her number wasn’t going through.

Whatsapp her and tried all my best to get to her all to avail. So, immediately I reach home that Sunday, which is today, I opened my Facebook to type the scam alert, behold she had posted my picture

with scam alert, telling people I dupe her of ₦5,000! Jeez, perfectly drafted scam format. People were starting to message me to return her money and all that, some said they knew I wouldn’t do it and I even

received some friend requests from people who happen to have her as friend on Facebook which I didn’t accept any!


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