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See Why I Broke Up With Her, Women Are Not Honest





I had a girlfriend I loved so much for 4 years but I ended things with her a few days ago. She’s not honest.

Before then, I met this other lady, and we have only met just three times, on these three occasions she won’t stop teasing me that I have a big head.

She was very free and jovial about it.

I was surprised a lady I just met feels very comfortable to tell me that.

Just three days ago I picked my phone and called my girlfriend, I told her to open my picture on her phone.

She did. Then I asked her; “is my head big?”


She kept quiet for some seconds before she let out a little laugh.

She wanted to know why I asked, later she started giving a comparison of my head to other people’s heads and objects too.

I started reminiscing on all the times I looked in her eyes to tell her sweet things.

While she was looking at my head.

That was it, She’s gone now

Does This Make Sense?

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