Sunday 26/4/2020

During the Global lockdown

Text: Acts 1:4-8

Message: *POWER*

There’s a question about what happens next after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ecclesiastes 7:8 says the end of a thing is better than the beginning because it is one thing to set a goal and another thing to achieve it. It is one thing to know your destiny and another thing to fulfill it.
John 17:4, Jesus told His Father that He has completed the assignment given to Him.
John 16:7, Jesus talked about the importance of His departure which will pave a way for the fulfilment of our destiny.
In the text that we read, we saw that the Holy Ghost gives us power.
What is Power? It is the ability to do work.
Suppose someone is to ride a bicycle from Lagos to Ibadan, he might get to his destination in the evening very tired. Assuming he has a motorcycle, if he starts early he will get to his destination in about two hours because there’s an increase in power.
The power that you need to fulfill your destiny without stress, receive it in Jesus Name.
1. *Political power* : Ecclesiastes 8:4
2. *Financial / Material Power* : Proverbs 10:15, Ecclesiastes 7:12
3. *Spiritual Power* : 2 Kings 4:8-17
4. *Counterfeit Power* : Acts 8:9-24

5. *Power passes power* – Exodus 7:8-12
The power of the Most high will swallow all counterfeit power arrayed against you in Jesus Name.
Why do you need to have the power of the Holy Spirit?
So that you can fulfill destiny. Luke 5:1-11.
Jesus met Peter and told him his destiny was to win souls. This didn’t manifest for about three years but on the day of Pentecost he won three thousand souls.


The greater the power, the easier it’ll be to reach your goal. For example, if you want to travel to Britain from Lagos, if u go by car you arrive there one day but if you go by aircraft you should arrive in about six and half hours.
In Acts 4:6-11, the power of God began to manifest in the life of Peter.
In Acts 4:4, Peter preached another sermon and he won 5,000 souls.
In Acts 5:1-16, he performed more miracles and multitudes began to come to the kingdom of God.

The moment God wants you to begin to fulfill your destiny is now. If you’re already baptized in the Holy Spirit you already have the power.
If you’ve gotten the power then use it cause if you don’t use it you’ll use it.
Always pray in the Holy Ghost – Romans 8:26
Witness to people more – Acts 1:8
Lay hands on the sick and see the power flow.
Use the power so it can multiply

What about those who haven’t received the power of the Holy Spirit?
Acts 2:38 tells us what to do
1. *Repent*
2. *Be baptised*
3. *Begin to use the power by joining the workforce*
Do everything you can to acquire that power so you can fulfill destiny.
I pray for everyone of you that the power to fulfill destiny be released upon you and you will reach the goal that God has set for you in Jesus Name.



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