Things to do without a phone or when you are tired of pressing your phone. (8 things you must know)



This year 2020 marks the beginning of another new decade in the 21st century and we can boldly say technology is a key factor to our existence in the world. Close your eyes for some seconds and imagine life without technology. Open your eyes and keep reading, you can continue with your imaginations later.

The percentage of the world’s population using a cell phone was recorded earlier this year to be 61.51%. No wonder more than 60% of the top 10 world’s richest men sourced their wealth through services associated to smart phones.

Without much talks, we are getting too addicted to our phones to the extent that we sometimes find it breathtaking if someone takes our phones away.

The only time some drop their phones is when they wanna take their bath or probably wash. Someone like me now, I still have my earpiece on even while washing. I pray God open our hearts so we can know and understand the adverse effects of these things cos I don’t think we can heed to corrections from humans like us.

So quickly I’ll be running through those things that we can do when we wanna do away with our phones. Although, reading, movies and music to mention a few are things we can do without our phones but I’ll major on those things our phones can’t offer us.

  • Praying

This is very important in our lives. I believe if there were no phones, people will spend more time praying.

  • Play games

I know you can play games on your phones too but trust me games played with a physical partner gets more brainy than you could ever imagine. Try, scrambles, monopoly, chess. (a very notable difference is you don’t get the chance to undo).

  • Lie on your bed and think till your head hurts.

Go ahead, have those thoughts, think about that thing that’s giving you concern. Sometimes you don’t need anyone to advice you, all you need is in your brain. Figure them out.

  • Associate yourself with others

You can meet new physical friends, forget facebook or IG friends. Take some time out to check on that your neighbouring friend, video call dey but try associate physically. Don’t say you’d mind your business, you’d be on your own, you don’t care about others, you’re okay with your phone . Let me tell you, you can’t do anything alone without others . The phone you’re okay with self, na you build am yourself.

  • Draw, write, work out, paint etc.

You should be able to at least do any of the above mentioned. I can sense someone saying how can a lady work out, but I’ll not talk. Try out something you’ve never done before. You might have a hidden talent in there but phone no allow you discover am.

  • Daydreaming

I know many people love this already. I just got to know you can create things in your imagination. The kind of graphics you can design in your head can’t be compared to graphics designs on Canva. And that’s cos they can’t see your imaginations . Imagine you being a boss of a big company or imagine how you’ll feel when you make your first million or billion.

  • Rearrange, reorganise and repackage

You see that your room that looks like a junk yard, it’s time to make it look dope. Despite the fact that some have wardrobes they still keep clothes on their beds and chairs even on the floor. Drop your phone and arrange your stuffs. Don’t wait till a visitor knocks on your door before you start arranging.

  • Take a stroll

Have you ever noticed riders exploring the road while driving. Guys, imagine you’re in your car with your friends or in a friend’s car with friends , and you see a cute lady with an elegant look passing by, I’m sure everyone in that car will have to tell the steerer to stop staring so to avoid other people from staring at something I don’t want to call an accident. So ladies, dress up, look charming, put on that slip on you don’t wear on a daily basis, go out, put on a smiling face please (I dey beg ni o) and walk like an angel. Guys are not left out too.

So with this I believe you now know there are quite a number of things you can do even without your phone. Some are even necessary for us to do. Thanks for reading. #Gracias



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