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What God has join together, let no man put assunder…. Read below

Blessing dropped out of school at SSS 2 because she couldn’t concentrate on her studies.
Twice she has been given probation for poor performance, she became extremely engrossed with her romantic relationship with Paul, who was the first guy in her life. Paul was the man who deflowered her while she was 13.
Their souls became knitted and inseparable. Severally her school had been changed to detach them but all to no avail. Her parents sent her to her uncle in Ile-ogbo just to take her out of Paul’s reach but she fell sick and almost lost her life. All she kept chorusing on her sick bed was


Her uncle:-We will not take you to Paul, if you want to die, die!. But her ailment deteriorated so badly that the doctors became helpless. The doctors advised they take her for prayers as they had exhausted all medical assistance. I need no prayer or any specialist, take me to paul and I will be whole, she said.
Paul on his own part had since became a shadow of himself after they took his love away from him.

This is pure infatuation and not love.’ paul’s father said to his son after he stopped being active. Paul could go a day without talking to anybody. He could stay indoor for days without food. ‘You will kill yourself because of a girl and after you are gone she will have 10 men.’ his father advised him. ‘You are still a young boy who ought to give attention to his studies and not a girl. When you become a graduate, there will be too many girls around.
You can even marry an Oyinbo girl if you become successful in life.’ These and more were the words of his father. ‘If you don’t leave that girl’s thought and concentrate on your studies and future, I will disown you.’ His father said.
*Paul:-* Daddy, if you truly love me, let me be with my love, I will never be fulfilled without Blessing. Blessing’s voice heals my pains, her presence brings peace to my soul.
*Father:-* But you are still a boy and you know nothing about love.’ His father replied.


All Paul ever does and does well is writing love poems. Every writeable items in his room has an inscription of love and romance. He could write love statements and nuggets on the table, bedside, calendars, curtain, ceiling fan etc. All attempts to change Blessing’s and Paul’s perspectives of love failed.

One day, A wise man in Blessing’s town advised her father to let the two love birds be married to each other in other to avoid losing them.
Blessing’s father:- Over my dead body. (He said). I will never give my daughter’s hand in marriage to that idiot who aborted her dream of becoming a medical doctor. I rather lose her than give her out to him in marriage. She’s too young and immature to be married.

Years later Blessing’s father had spoken to his friend whose son just came back from the US after his master’s degree about how he will want him to marry his daughter.
*Blessing’s father:-* I better give her to your son free than allow that useless boy destroy her life.
Then Within a month, wedding plans were arranged between Blessing’s father and his friend.
*Blessing’s father:-* Dear your husband-to-be and his people will be coming to see you next week.
Blessing:- Daddy, you mean Paul and his people?
Blessing’s father:- If I hear you mention that name here again, I will baptize you with a dirty slap. Who is talking about a boy who has no future? I am talking about Tokunbø, a real man with bright future. Someone who has first and second degree.
*Blessing:-* Daddy, are they coming to marry me or you? If I don’t marry Paul, I will never marry any other marry to any guy in life again

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