Who is God? Who is Allah? Is God also known as Allah? (must read for all Christians and Muslims out there)



I was sitting patiently thinking on what to write about when a very close friend told me to write about God. Did you just say ‘hmm’?. Yea, honestly speaking that was my reaction too.

Greetings to my Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters out there . I hope we’re coping very well with this pandemic period. I want us to have faith in everything we believe and serve that very soon these Corona, lockdown and all will turn to stories.

Before I start, I need to clear some facts that God is Allah and Allah is God. God is referred to as Allah in Arabic. Also in Islam God is referred to as the absolute one, the all powerful and all knowing ruler of the universe and the creator of everything in existence which is nothing different to who God is in Christianity.

So back to our topic, ‘Who is God? ‘ . A rhetorical answer to this question is ”God is the definition of Divinity” . God is a supernatural being. When we say supernatural , it means something that is above nature. The turning of water into wine is a perfect example of supernatural works. Who can explain that? No scientist till today can boast of changing the colour of water to white without pouring powdered milk into it not to talk of changing the taste. I know someone will say it was Jesus who turned water into wine not God but I know that same person didn’t know Jesus said it Himself that;

He is in the Father and the Father is in Him”.


Apart from knowing that God is a supreme being. He is also a principal object of FAITH. Remember I said earlier that we all should have faith in whoever or whatever we believe and serve, every person on earth who is praying needs faith to receive whatsoever it is he/she is putting in request through prayer. You need to have Faith in the Allah you’re serving if you want Him to grant your request. So God/Allah is of FAITH so do we that serve and worship Him.

Talking about God’s existence, the Bible says God is everywhere, true or true?. More than 95% of the world’s population breathes in air freely and God is the breath of life. His eyes is everywhere, He made the moon, sun and stars and they shine all over the world. Lastly, have you seen a movie titled AXL”, nothing created by God can never be replicated to be like His, if it’s human, remember sex dolls or robots which can’t breathe nor reproduce.

Personally, I can see God’s existence in my life in different ways. I’m a living testimony of God’s Devine existence and I wanna believe you’re too.

With this I hope I’m able to convince you that the little which can also be considered as no difference between God and Allah is the language and religion. Also I’m able to talk a little about the Supreme being because no one can ever give a concise and complete definition of God.

I know you have a definition or testimony of God’s/ Allah’s existence in your life. Kindly drop yours in the comment box. Thanks for reading through.

God have several names so do Allah, you can also write down any name you know in the comment box. I’ll start with,

King of kings




Yahweh ……….

If you also know the 99 names of Allah, start typing them. Thanks God bless.



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